Thursday, July 23, 2015

Voices Begin the Musical Journey

History of western music 

(From ancient Greece to Renaissance) 

Notice the importance of the voice 

and gradual introduction of instruments 

as you progress through the video. 

Link for several other videos in many musical periods: 

Village Voices sang Over the Rainbow 

in the Fall Recital 2014, new recitals begin on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. in the Heritage Center.

Keep Your Lamps and Blackbird 
performed by Festival City Chamber Singers in OSU Talent Showcase.

For Unto Us a Child is Born from Handel's Messiah

This season will mark the 75th performance of the Messiah in Cedar City.

Music training can significantly 

improve our motor and reasoning skills  

by Belle Cooper

We generally assume that learning a musical instrument can be beneficial for kids, but it's actually useful in more ways than we might expect. One study showed that children who had three years or more musical instrument training performed better than those who didn't learn an instrument in auditory discrimination abilities and fine motor skills.

They also tested better on vocabulary and nonverbal reasoning skills, which involve understanding and analyzing visual information, such as identifying relationships, similarities and differences between shapes and patterns.

These two areas in particular are quite removed from musical training as we imagine it, so it's fascinating to see how learning to play an instrument can help kids develop such a wide variety of important skills.

Similar research shows this correlation for exercise and motor skills in the same way, which is also fascinating.


 Rhythm of Life Season opens with Fall Recitals each Tuesday in Sept.

Orchestra of Southern Utah, P.O. Box 312, Cedar City, UT  84721

Emily Hepworth
OSU Manager

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