Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Creating New Music and Revisiting Favorites from Orchestra of Southern Utah

The Orchestra of Southern Utah continues to commission new music for memorable concert experiences. Both new pieces became family celebrations as sisters premiered their father's work and a mother and sister played in the orchestra for the composer's premiere.

We've also added a few season favorties favorites below for your listening enjoyment.

American Suite by Keith Bradshaw
Natalie Bradshaw, violin, and Hannah Bradshaw, viola, performed the solo parts for a world premiere of their father's composition. Keith Bradshaw composed the piece for the Orchestra of Southern Utah with support from the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University and the Orchestra of Southern Utah. Xun Sun directed the OSU performance. For more photos visit:

American Suite movements:Charleston
Blue Ridge Waltz
Flibberty Jitterbug
Slow Me Down Blues
Dance Down the Barn

Video Link:

Soloists with their father and composer, Keith Bradshaw

Hannah Bradshaw, OSU Conductor Xun Sun, and Natalie Bradshaw

Polynesian Rhapsody by Jacob Lee
Last season Jacob was featured as a composer and when we were looking for music for our "Aloha Jubilee" there wasn't a suitable piece for orchestra so we commissioned new music which included choir singing in Maori. Performance by Orchestra of Southern Utah, directed by Xun Sun, Feb. 25, 2016. Choir directed by Jackie Riddle-Jackson. This piece was commissioned by the Orchestra of Southern Utah.

Video Link:

Conductor Xun Sun, Jacob's sister Katherine Maxwell, composer Jacob Lee, and his mother Caroleen Lee, OSU violinist
Jacob's extended family came to the concert to celebrate his new music.

A favorite piece for this season was from the movies.
Pirates of the Caribbean Medley by Badeit and Ricketts Video Link:

West Winds Flute Trio includes Adrienne Read, to left.

The Great Train Race by Ian Clark
Adrienne Read performed this piece in the OSU 2015 Fall Recitals. She made her flute sound like a train. Music can conjure all kinds of emotions and experiences.
Video Link:

In Jubilo performed in the Fall Recitals 2015 under the direction of Jackie Riddle-Jackson

Soundings by Janice Kimes
Sometimes music creates mystery and wonder. This vocal and piano piece explores sound with the women's choir In Jubilo under the direction of Jackie Riddle-Jackson.
Video Link:

More Orchestra of Southern Utah videos available at

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