Friday, February 3, 2017

Create Your Own Legacy: Jubilee 2017 Listening Links

Music, art, and science for a fun filled afternoon for all ages. Lobby displays open at 1 p.m. including the SUU Planetarium, music at 2 p.m. includes William Tell Overture complete with science experiments and a commissioned piece celebrating our beautiful scenery called "Enchanted Valley" by Mark Dal Porto. Many community partners provide hands on science, art, and music activities for all ages after the concert. $5 per adult, $5 per child. Babies free. Three cans of food for a free ticket to benefit Iron County Care and Share. Full article at

Preview Listening Links:
William Tell Overture by Rossini

This music was the overture to Rossini's final opera and is set in the Swiss Alps complete with a cello choir bringing in the dawn, moving into a thunderstorm,  a pastorale featuring the English horn which is calling in the cows after the storm, and ending with the march of Swiss soldiers which sounds like a horse galloping.  This final theme was made famous in American culture as the theme for the Lone Ranger.  Brandon Wiggins, guest scientist, has experiments planned on stage while the orchestra plays.

Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" 
Legendary performance with Stokowski directing the Philadelphia Orchestra: com/watch?v=UdJ2kMi0mJU

More recent performance so you can see the pianist: 

This is the form of a theme and variations using a Paganini melody as the basis.  The most famous variation is the 18th variation and Rachmaninoff was the guest soloist in the premiere in 1934 with the Philadelphia orchestra.  He wrote it in Switzerland.  This piece is only on the Feb. 23 evening concert in Cedar City. 

Enchanted Valley by Mark Dal Porto is a world premiere and was commissioned by the Orchestra of Southern Utah.  Valley of Enchantment is a symphonic tone poem inspired by the natural surroundings and beauty of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona (Bryce Canyon, Red Canyon, Zion National Park, Antelope Canyon, and the Grand Canyon).
The work is in 10 sections as follows (includes measure numbers): 
1. Sunrise (1 - 60) 
2. Entering the woods (61 - 82)
3. By the streams of water (83 - 166)
4. Deep in the forest (167 - 204)
5. The majesty of the canyons (205 - 356)
6. In the mountain pasture (357 - 455)
7. Thunderstorm (456 - 519)
8. Calm and reflections after the storm (520 - 607)
9. The grandeur of the mountains (608 - 749)
10. Sunset (750 - 806)
Video of performance available at

Afternoon of music, science and art for all ages.  Babies free

Evening performance, age 6 above with adult supervision includes the Rachmaninoff

Brandon Wiggins, Guest Scientist for both performances

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